Finding the Harmony in Your Life & Your Investments

Often, investments form the foundation of our long-term goals. Yet, this isn’t everything.

A well-designed and flexible plan should encompass a broad and deep understanding of your life, your personal goals and your investments. That’s why it is important to start by listening. Your advisor relationship begins by learning about your life, any existing planning or investment strategies and the key elements that motivate you throughout your personal journey.

Focus on What Matters

Although the portfolio is undoubtedly a key piece of your overall financial plan, it doesn’t exist in isolation. Your money powers a broader set of objectives that ultimately helps you live the life you aspire to—both today and in the future.

Through a truly comprehensive and integrated approach, Design | Build | Protect® takes a proactive look at your whole life picture, exploring your impact, money and life goals, including financial considerations, resources and existing strategies. As you gain clarity on what’s important to you through the life discovery approach, this investment philosophy involves designing a strategic plan that can be adjusted over time.

Life is a Lot More Than Finances

The Design | Build | Protect® approach involves looking at all of your goals, the ways in which they interact and impact.

Life & ImpactGoalsMoney
Start a Business
Start a Family
Do More Philanthropy
Leave a Legacy for Family
Improve Health & Fitness
Continue Education
Save More for Retirement
Increase Passive Income
Set Up Monthly Budget
Pay Off Debt
Travel the World
Buy a Home
Send Grandchildren Gift
Life & Impact Goals Money

Life isn’t linear. Your plan shouldn’t be either.

Partnering with an advisor means having someone to guide you through both opportunities and challenges. You’ve worked hard to get where you are, and that should be celebrated. Now, as you look to the future, you can relax when an Evidence-Driven Investing™ approach is used to navigate towards life’s next adventure. This approach is called Design | Build | Protect®.


A process of personal discovery helps to uncover what’s important to you, so that a plan can be designed and customized to balance your wants and needs. This plan serves as an ever-changing compass that will help navigate the journey ahead.


With academic research and financial science as the foundation, build your plan with distinct objectives and attainable action items. Not a rigid, solitary plan; but a fluid, ever-evolving process to help you stay on track and meet your goals.


Life happens. Inevitably there will be a number of factors, both personal and global, that impact your plan. Protecting your plan means providing insights and education to help you focus on those areas that an be controlled.

Focusing On What You Can Control

When building investment portfolios, the primary objective of the Evidence-Driven Investing™ approach isn’t to simply get you the largest possible return. Rather, it is to create a plan that gives you the highest likelihood of achieving your goals—balancing both risk and the opportunity for return. That’s why it involves asking difficult questions about factors relating to withstanding market declines, financial longevity and return goals.

The philosophy is rooted in research, not market forecasts. All investments can lose money at some point—and advisors plan for it. By relying on evidence, you can feel confident in your portfolio through both up and down markets.

Assuming you had an investment portfolio of $1 million…

Maximum Tolerable Loss

Maximum Equity Exposure

Investment Horizon

Maximum Equity Allocation

Annual Goal

Required Equity Allocation

The Clarity of a Well Thought Out Financial Plan

As financial stewards, advisors help you focus on those areas of your life that you can control, and provide you with the support and education along the way. They are here to deliver a plan that helps you envision your financial future and navigate towards those goals.

Good investing starts with good planning. Contact your advisor to learn how you can start aligning your goals and your investments today.

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