Navigating Your Investment Journey

We view every financial planning relationship as a journey. Guided by a distinct investment philosophy, we’ve mapped out a pathway to better explain our distinctive areas of focus, providing the tools and clarity necessary to make your experience memorable and our journey together more successful.

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Harmonizing Your Life & Financial Plan

This journey starts by exploring where you are now and what you wish to accomplish, finding the intersection between what matters and what we can control. Beginning with a plan for your life and finances, then diving into ways we can effectively adjust and align your investment strategy with the rest of your goals.

Fundamentals of Investing

The fundamentals and building blocks of this investment philosophy have been established through decades of research and experience. In this chapter, you can explore the foundations of our approach and the principles set to guide your investment strategy.

The Research Behind Portfolio Strategy

This approach involves using research to build a portfolio suited to achieve your unique goals. Learn how stocks, bonds and alternatives each play an integral role in this approach called Evidence-Driven Investing™.

The Optimal Mix of Investments

Rooted in financial research, this approach uses systematic, rules-based, and transparent strategies for investment selection. With a comprehensive universe of investment opportunities, see how your advisor builds your portfolio—the vehicles and strategies used to deliver efficient sources of return, diversification and cost-effectiveness.

Your Path to Personalization

At the cornerstone of this strategy stands the ability to apply the best of financial and economic research to your personal situation. Learn how your advisor harnesses rigorous thinking on portfolio design, investment selection, and tax management to create a lasting portfolio specific to your goals.

Managing Your Portfolio

Balancing short-term market challenges with long-term trends can be challenging on your own. Through continuous monitoring, rebalancing and assessing, your advisor provides the guidance and confidence necessary to face both the challenges of market fluctuations and the emotions of investing.

Your Financial Team

Working in conjunction with your advisor, discover how an expansive team is focused on delivering a better end-to-end investment experience. All these professionals are here to support you at every step on your path to financial success.

It Starts with a Single Step

People helping people—that is the power of the advisor / client relationship. And with the help of the Buckingham community, a network of dedicated professionals throughout the country, each advisor, portfolio manager and broader team is committed to serving you with the personalized care you need and deserve. Through the Design | Build | Protect® approach, you can look forward to evolving together throughout your investment journey.

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As of March 31, 2024 Buckingham Strategic Partners had $12.03 billion of discretionary regulatory assets under management and $15.19 billion of non-discretionary regulatory assets under management. In addition, Buckingham Strategic Partners provides administrative, back-office and retirement plan services to $14.36 billion of assets managed or advised by the independent firms that hire Buckingham Strategic Partners for its services. In the aggregate, the total number of assets under management or administration was $44.58 billion.